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XMA II: Live Learning

Here is the second of the three installments  designer Deirdre Reznik and I created chronicling the first modules of Teachers College’s new XMA program. This round, we visited  the program’s second module and highlighted its  focus on group dynamics. The design of the brochure also reflects the ideas behind the module.

When Mary Manoogian came to the Executive Masters Program in Change Leadership, in its second year at Teachers College, she expected visual and verbal explanations of the concepts she would be learning — familiar to her from her years in sales at the Center for Creative Leadership, where she is a senior manager. But the finale of the program’s second module, the Group Relations Conference, was even more.

“It wasn’t just a visual, it was a visceral,” she said. “The concepts that I learned in module one, and all the readings leading up to module two, are now crystal clear.  I’ve seen them in motion. They’re not just theory that I’ve learned. Not just a model that I understand. They’re connected to behaviors that I personally experienced and it solidified the learning for me.”

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