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Short Story: Hazards

Another short story about a car ride, but this one quite different. It appears in Raritan’s Summer 2015 Issue.

She got into the car. As instructed, she put the key in the ignition. She turned the key. It seemed so ridiculous. The car clicked. She turned the key again too hard. The car roared into life. She sat looking forward. She turned the key in the opposite direction. The engine made a hacking noise, then turned over once before turning off. That was it. She put the key in her purse and opened the car door and stepped out. It really was ridiculously easy. She wasn’t to do it again until tomorrow. She was to do this every day for a week and then, on the final day, actually pull out of the parking space. She did not know if she could take this seriously. She closed the car door and locked it with a bleep of the remote control on her key chain.

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