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Columbia Dental Medicine: A Dental Student for Our Time: Holistic, Community-Minded, Diverse, Transformed

When Victor Lee was studying pharmacology as a pre-med student at Stony Brook University, he was sure of one thing in terms of a career goal. “It’s really funny because I actually did not want to be a dentist at all,” says the fourth-year student at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. “It was literally the last thing on my list.”

The reason was personal. His father had been a dentist in China but had given it up to get his family to the United States. After arriv- ing here, he worked odd jobs to feed his family, says Mr. Lee, includ- ing cooking in a takeout restaurant. But he never forgot his previous profession and encouraged his son to pursue it. “You should think about it,” his father kept suggesting. “Think about it.” For more, please go to Dental Student.