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Teachers College: The Elementary Inclusive Program

This is an article on one of the college’s most fundamental programs. It appeared in the Spring, 2010 issue of TC Today.


In a bright morning in March, Colin Schumacher monitors Angelina Gonzalez’s fifth grade class at P.S. 179 in the South Bronx as it practices for an upcoming English Language Assessment test. The children are quiet as they work through a test prep workbook relating to Japanese honey bees. Schumacher, a student teacher in TC’s Elementary Inclusive Education Program, which prepares teachers for grades one through six, calls time and ushers the children to a space on the rug. Near the window, an oversized pad proclaims, “Good test takers draw conclusions as they read by connecting details to what they already know.”

To view the entire article online, please go to ElementaryInclusive.