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Teachers College: Library 2.0

This article appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of TC Today.

Last spring Teacher’s College’s academic programs related to health worked together to formulate a “health conceptual framework” — a document linking the programs’ collective missions. Their first step was to convene a meeting of key ¬†faculty to develop a brief, coherent statement about the mission of health education at TC.

Five years ago, the school might have turned to an outside consultant. Instead, the job of organizing the meeting and doing the follow-up research went to EdLab, a team of graduate students from the College’s various academic programs — whiz kids and other pleasantly geeky types who inhabit an open space on the fifth floor of the renovated Gottesman Libraries. Ed Lab staffers function as designers, online publishers, packagers and consultants, as well as software designers and supporters of all kinds of creative activity: a cadre of mad scientists experimenting with the possibilities of academic libraries and at times, of education itself.

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